March 2024 Core Update

Thriving Through the March 2024 Core Update

Background In the ever-evolving landscape of digital marketing, core updates by search engines can significantly alter the rules of the game overnight. The March 2024 Core Update by Google was no exception. Many sites saw rankings fluctuate, but our client’s website experienced growth against the odds. Challenge Post-update, the primary challenge was maintaining and improving …

Google Penalty Removed Within 1 Month

SEO Success Story: Lifting a Google Penalty in Under 30 Days

Challenges Encountered: The website vanished from search results for its own brand name. A manual penalty was issued by Google. Urgent submission of a reconsideration request was needed. Achievements:   Climbed to 114 number 1 rankings. Secured 980 positions in the top 10. Ready to Boost Your Traffic? Get in Touch Now! Schedule Your Free …

Tripled Revenue For This Real Estate Agent

How We Tripled a Real Estate Agent’s Revenue

The Challenge: A real estate agent was struggling to stand out in a super competitive market. Their website had little content, wasn’t showing up in search results, and they were spending a lot on ads to get noticed. Our Goals: Improve the website’s visibility in search results. Increase organic (non-paid) traffic and leads. Triple the …

SEO Inventiv's Transformation of a Pet Store's Online Visibility

How We Boosted Search Traffic for a Pet Store

The Challenge: We tackled a project for an online pet store that was virtually invisible on search engines. The main hurdles we encountered were: Numerous duplicate pages for product variants. Lack of strategic internal linking to crucial category pages. Zero presence for essential commercial keywords. The Solution & Stellar Results: By addressing these challenges head-on, …

ecommerce seo case study


How We Doubled Sales for a Niche Beauty Brand During the Pandemic Campaign Challenges: Intense competition from both new and established beauty brands. Significant issues with site speed and mobile usability. An ineffective content marketing strategy that failed to engage potential customers. Campaign Results: +257.34% Organic Traffic +300.12% Organic Revenue We achieved: Increase in daily …

SEO Triumph

SEO Triumph: Elevating from 945 to 15,670 Monthly Visitors

From a modest beginning of 945 visitors to an impressive 15,670 monthly visitors, this journey encapsulates a significant leap in organic traffic, a testament to strategic finesse and digital prowess. Here’s how we engineered this remarkable transformation. Campaign Obstacles: The content landscape was barren, neglected for ages. An overabundance of spammy backlinks marred the site, …

google core update

SEO Case Study: Triumphing Over a Google Core Update

Introduction: Adapting to the ever-evolving landscape of search engine algorithms is a cornerstone of successful SEO strategies. This case study outlines the recovery and growth of a client’s e-commerce website following the Google Core Update in May 2020. Our strategic focus was on refining user intent, bolstering E-A-T signals, and cleansing the backlink profile to …



Campaign Challenges: Significant technical SEO deficiencies impacting site performance. Inefficient internal linking structure, leading to a decrease in page authority and indexing issues. Widespread keyword cannibalization, diluting ranking potential across multiple pages. Campaign Results: +65.00% Organic Traffic +30.25% Organic Revenue Here’s a breakdown of our approach. A Closer Look At Our Client’s Website: Operating in …


ONLINE BETTING SEO CASE STUDY: 8X Boost in Organic Search Performance

Introduction to the Campaign: SEO Inventiv took the helm of a groundbreaking campaign aimed at dramatically increasing the organic search visibility of an online betting platform. In an industry as competitive and tightly regulated as online betting, the stakes were exceptionally high. Our objectives were crystal clear from the outset: to significantly elevate the platform’s …


GAMBLING SEO CASE STUDY: Boosting Player Engagement with a +180% Surge in Conversions

Campaign Overview: In a highly ambitious project, SEO Inventiv was tasked with elevating a gambling platform’s digital footprint, focusing on the dual goals of increasing site traffic and converting visitors into registered players. The online gambling market, known for its fierce competition, presented a substantial challenge, especially with our client’s aim to capture more market …


SaaS SEO: Navigating a Site Migration with 223% Traffic Surge

Client Spotlight: SEO Inventiv took on a project with a SaaS provider offering innovative marketing tools. Facing stiff competition in a crowded market, the client needed to transition their website to a modern, Angular SPA-based theme while preserving, and ideally boosting, their search visibility. Challenges Encountered: Executing a seamless site migration to an Angular SPA …

Zero Link Building SEO

Zero Link Building SEO Success: A Leap in Organic Reach for a Tech Solutions Firm

Client Snapshot: SEO Inventiv embarked on a pioneering project with a tech solutions firm aiming to redefine its digital strategy. The company, a beacon in cloud solutions, sought to amplify its online visibility and capture a larger audience share without engaging in conventional link-building tactics. Challenges: Bridging the content gap within a fast-evolving tech industry. …

SEO Content Optimization Case Study

SEO Content Optimization Case Study: Improved Monthly Organic Revenue from $6.3K to $37.3K of a Boutique Fashion Retailer

Overview: SEO Inventiv embarked on a transformative journey with a boutique fashion retailer specializing in sustainable and ethically sourced clothing. Despite offering a unique selection of products, the retailer struggled with online visibility and engagement. This case study outlines the strategies implemented to increase their monthly organic revenue from $6.3K to $37.3K. Client Background: The …

Living Well With Wil Case Study

Living Well With Wil – SEO & Monetization

Living Well with Wil fitness coaching hub required efficient SEO services along with website monetization. Our efficient SEO team made the website reach the top of Google search rankings in a short turnaround. Also, we were able to successfully monetize the website with Google Ads.

Corporate Services Case Study

Corporate Services – High Quality Link Building

Corporate Services required high-quality link-building services to improve the online visibility of their brand. Yes, it did take some time for us to find and pitch these sources, but we were successful in doing so. Results from our strategy were organic, long-term, and from quality sources.

Code Tiger Case Study

Code Tigers – Fully Managed SEO & SMO Services

Code Tigers required both, SEO & SMO services. They trusted us for the same. We were successful in not only getting their website ranked high organically, but also giving them the top online presence on different social media platforms.

Eco Garment Bags Case Study

Eco Garment Bags – Fully Managed SEO Services

Eco Garment Bags trusted us with their website SEO. We took considerable time to understand their business and devise a solid SEO strategy for them. As a result, we were able to get them ranked in very less time. Also, the results from our strategy were completely organic. No black hat SEO at all!

Bayise Tutor Case Study

Bayise Tutor – Fully Managed SEO Services, Social Media Optimization, Landing Page Creation

We did SEO, SMO, and created a landing page for Bayise Tutor. We made sure that the message from Bayise Tutor is passed to its target audience in an effective way. The client was happy as the results were reflected within a few months.

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