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Bayise Tutor Case Study


Bayise Tutor is an innovative service that helps students to prepare for their exams and instills that much-needed confidence in them before exams. This really improves the performance of the students in their exams, and hence, helps them to achieve some great results.

Their efforts toward the educational well-being of the students have been massive. They really make it easy for students to learn various complex concepts. They even go an inch forward and ensure that along with their syllabus, the overall development of a student is maintained.

The Challenge For Them

It is clear that Bayise Tutor was simply doing an incredible job for the well-being of students. But, they weren’t getting enough recognition. They wanted to establish themselves online. But, they knew that with an educational field so stiff, leading would take a longer timeframe.

They were getting enough inquiries and admissions due to their results, but they believed that showcasing their results online would make a huge difference, and rightly so. After all, digitalization plays an important role in generating inquiries and leads.

Yes, Bayise Tutor is an amazing educational organization, but their knowledge of Digital Marketing is a bit limited. Of course, it isn’t their scope, after all! Their major challenge was to understand the complex Google algorithm and rank themselves on the mighty search engine.

Our Collaboration

Rather than wasting time and money on learning Digital Marketing fundamentals, they thought of collaborating with a professional SEO service provider. They saw our portfolio, got impressed, contacted us, interacted with our experts, asked their queries, got satisfied, and closed the deal with us.

Our job was to help Bayise Tutor lead Google rankings (SEO), social media (SMO), and create a solid website. We firstly took our time, understood their business domain, cleared our doubts, even interacted with their students to know their business well, and created a landing page.

Then, we began with creating an SEO and SMO strategy. Our experts formed both of these strategies, explained them to the clients, got their node, and started working parallelly on both of them.

The educational domain is one of the toughest to get ranked, and we had our own share of challenges while working on the same. However, we had confidence and experience on our side which helped us to win the game for Bayise Tutor.

Action Plan

We started our journey by creating a solid on-page strategy for Bayise Tutor. Also, we increased the visibility of Bayise Tutor by solid backlinking strategy, creating amazing blogs, and passing their message on various social media platforms.

Landing Page Creation - SEO Services
Landing Page Creation – SEO Services

We ensured that rather than going with an inorganic way to gain quick results, we follow an organic strategy to gain long-term results. We took our time in planning and executing every piece of our strategy.


SEO Optimized Landing Page Design
SEO Optimized Landing Page Design & Development


We also performed a content audit at regular intervals in order to ensure that there are no content gaps at all. Be it video posting, blog posting, meme marketing, or anything, we didn’t leave any base uncovered to ensure that the brand gets the maximum visibility.

The Results

Our strategy helped Bayise Tutor to get ranked on both, Google and social media. It was a massive success for us, and we really take pride in helping out our clients win the online visibility race in much less time than expected.

Bayise Tutor started getting almost double inquiries and conversions per day after they came online. The stat kept on improving, and they were a happy client! Along with that personal satisfaction, they were able to focus and work on the important aspects of a student’s overall development.


Tutors Onboarded
Globally Tutors Onboarded


They won the online race, and we took pride in the fact that we helped an organization that is really doing a great job for the students.


GMB Rank Improvements
GMB Rank Improvements


So, are you looking to establish your business online like Bayise Tutor? If yes, then you aren’t required to look further than us. We helped our clients win the race in the educational domain, which is one of the stiffest. Hence, you can trust our efficiency and expertise to the fullest. To know more about our services or get the best Digital Marketing services, connect with us now.

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