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Living Well With Wil Case Study

The Client:

Living Well with Wil is a fitness coaching hub that provides workout plan and wellness tips to people. Be it physical or mental health, Living Well with Wil has been nailing both of them.

People trust WiL Turner, the founder of Living Well with Wil when it comes to getting physically and mentally fit. Of course, the client testimonials prove the love and trust the center gets.

What Were the Challenges?

Living Well with Wil had decent clients, but the online presence of their website wasn’t as expected. Their website rankings didn’t justify the quality of services they provided. Of course, the poor website SEO was a major reason for the same.

They tried changing the website content and optimizing the website design, but nothing worked. Ultimately, they thought of hiring professionals to get the SEO of their website done.

Our Collaboration

One fine day, while searching for an SEO company, they came across our portfolio and got impressed by the same. They reached out to our experts and explained their business and the scenario with the website rankings.

Our experts performed their own analysis and figured out the root cause of the issue and explained the same to WiL Turner. The company entrusted us to get their website rankings on track along with monetizing their website.

This is how we closed the deal and our journey with one of the best fitness coaching hubs began.

Action Plan

  • We optimized the on-page factors like the meta description, meta titles, and website content
  • We reframed the backlinking strategy for the client. From profile creation to guest posting, we covered every SEO aspect
  • We started exploring various monetization options for the clients. Google AdSense was obviously the best
  • We then started working on the website content, and the organic result to achieve both, amazing SEO results, and approval for Google AdSense

The Results

Yes, it took some time for us to get the website ranked. But, it was all organic and our team was able to achieve the desired results. Also, we got the approval for AdSense which monetized the website of the client.


DA and Backlink Improvement
Domain Rating Improvement


Hence, the website that wasn’t doing well with SERP rankings now had both, SERP rankings and AdSense alongside. These were amazing results for both; us and our client.

Backlink Profile Improvement
Backlink Profile Improvement

So, like Living Well with Wil are you looking to get your website ranked and monetized too? If yes, you aren’t required to look any further than our experts. Entrust our experts to deliver you long-lasting results, allow us to do what we do the best, and see the results. To know more about our SEO services, contact our SEO experts now.

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