SaaS SEO: Navigating a Site Migration with 223% Traffic Surge


Client Spotlight:

SEO Inventiv took on a project with a SaaS provider offering innovative marketing tools. Facing stiff competition in a crowded market, the client needed to transition their website to a modern, Angular SPA-based theme while preserving, and ideally boosting, their search visibility.

Challenges Encountered:

  • Executing a seamless site migration to an Angular SPA theme.
  • Adhering to SEO best practices to avert a decline in post-migration traffic.

Campaign Triumphs:

  • Organic Traffic Enhancement: +223%
  • Top 10 Search Rankings: 389 positions

Strategy and Execution:

Embarking on the Migration Journey:

The client approached us with a critical mission: to migrate their platform to a cutting-edge theme without sacrificing their hard-earned SEO equity. Given the competitive landscape, the stakes were incredibly high, with no margin for error in execution.

Overcoming Migration Hurdles:

The migration was segmented into key phases:

  • Pre-migration Planning: Meticulous strategy formulation to anticipate and mitigate potential SEO risks.
  • Migration Execution: Carefully transitioning to the new theme while maintaining SEO integrity.
  • Post-migration Optimization: Swiftly addressing any traffic dips and optimizing for growth.

Despite the comprehensive planning, the unpredictable nature of SEO and website migrations meant we had to stay agile to address unforeseen challenges promptly.

Technical Challenges and Solutions:

1. Angular SPA Migration:

The switch to an Angular single-page application (SPA) presented unique SEO challenges, particularly in maintaining crawlability and indexation. We meticulously mapped out the migration to ensure seamless execution, focusing on:

  • Ensuring server-side rendering for optimal search engine crawlability.
  • Implementing prerendering techniques for critical content and meta tags.

2. SEO Best Practices Implementation:

To minimize traffic loss, we:

Canonical Links

  • Conducted an exhaustive audit to identify and fix potential SEO pitfalls, including invalid canonical links and unintended noindex directives.
  • Enhanced core service pages with richer, more engaging content to improve user interaction and conversion potential.

Achieving Remarkable Growth:

Despite the inherent risks of site migrations, our strategic approach led to a significant uplift in organic traffic, achieving a 223% increase. Moreover, the optimization efforts post-migration expanded the client’s presence in top 10 search rankings to 389 keywords, a testament to the effectiveness of our SEO-focused migration strategy.

Key Insights:

This case illustrates the critical importance of detailed planning and SEO expertise in navigating the complexities of a website migration. By prioritizing SEO from the outset and addressing technical challenges head-on, We not only safeguarded the client’s digital presence but also set the stage for remarkable growth.

Elevate Your Digital Presence:

At SEO Inventiv, we specialize in leveraging SEO to drive substantial business outcomes. If you’re contemplating a site migration or looking to enhance your online visibility, let’s connect and explore how we can elevate your digital footprint together.

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