Campaign Challenges:

  • Significant technical SEO deficiencies impacting site performance.
  • Inefficient internal linking structure, leading to a decrease in page authority and indexing issues.
  • Widespread keyword cannibalization, diluting ranking potential across multiple pages.

Campaign Results:

  • +65.00% Organic Traffic
  • +30.25% Organic Revenue

Here’s a breakdown of our approach.

A Closer Look At Our Client’s Website:

Operating in the competitive home improvement sector, this eCommerce website balanced high-intent commercial keywords with a rich repository of informational content, guiding customers from purchase to product mastery through their blog.

Upon partnering with SEO Inventiv, the client aimed to solidify their market presence, targeting home improvement enthusiasts and professionals alike.

Our strategy was centered on rectifying technical faults and content optimizations, with a side focus on strategic link acquisition.

The Core Challenges:

A technically robust website coupled with high-quality content that precisely matches your target audience’s search intent is non-negotiable for achieving SEO success. Our client’s site was struggling on both fronts.

Initial assessments revealed:

  • Broken product pages signaling false positives with a “HTTP 200 OK” status but showing blank.
  • Structured data issues impacting rich snippet visibility in search results.
  • Mixed content warnings, compromising security and SEO.
  • Absence of breadcrumb navigation, affecting site usability and SEO structure.
  • Content underperformance, lacking depth and keyword optimization.
  • Missed opportunities in keyword targeting, limiting visibility.

Strategizing for Success:

The roadmap to improving our client’s SEO was straightforward yet required meticulous attention to detail.

  • Revamping Broken Product Pages: Addressing over 50 non-functioning product pages by removing them from Google’s index and directing users to relevant or home pages improved user experience and SEO efficiency.
  • Enhancing Structured Data: Correcting Product schema across the board increased visibility in SERPs with richer presentation of pricing, ratings, and availability.
  • Resolving Mixed Content Issues: Ensuring all resources were loaded over HTTPS boosted site security and trustworthiness—a crucial ranking factor.
  • Implementing Breadcrumb Navigation: This improved site navigation for users and search engines, clarifying the site’s structure.
  • Content Optimization: By enriching landing pages and addressing thin content, we aligned more closely with user intent, leveraging insights from competitor analysis.
  • Expanding Keyword Reach: A thorough competitor keyword gap analysis informed our content strategy, enabling us to target valuable, untapped keywords.

Remarkable Growth:

Our efforts culminated in a +65% jump in organic traffic, translating to an increase from 20,000 to 33,000 visitors. Additionally, organic revenue saw a +30.25% upswing.


Our journey with this client showcases the transformative impact of holistic SEO strategy—where technical finesse, content depth, and strategic link building converge. While our link building efforts played a role, the lion’s share of success was rooted in foundational SEO improvements.

What this narrative underscores is the critical importance of solid keyword research, flawless technical SEO, and compelling content before embarking on aggressive link building.

Next Steps:

As we continue to refine our strategy, our focus shifts to enhancing on-page elements through Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) audits while dialing up our link-building efforts.

Ready to elevate your eCommerce site’s performance? Dive into our 7-day e-commerce SEO blueprint or reach out to let SEO Inventiv spearhead your growth.

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