SEO Case Study: Triumphing Over a Google Core Update

google core update


Adapting to the ever-evolving landscape of search engine algorithms is a cornerstone of successful SEO strategies. This case study outlines the recovery and growth of a client’s e-commerce website following the Google Core Update in May 2020. Our strategic focus was on refining user intent, bolstering E-A-T signals, and cleansing the backlink profile to navigate through the update’s challenges.

Challenges Overcome:


Triumphing Over a Google Core Update

  • Misalignment of website content with user intent, leading to confusion for Google’s crawlers.
  • Incorrect classification by Google as an affiliate site lacking sufficient E-A-T signals.
  • Detrimental backlink profile impacting the site’s credibility and ranking.

Campaign Achievements:

Through our targeted SEO recovery efforts, we witnessed transformative results:

  • An 88.45% boost in organic traffic, growing from 600,000 to 1,130,450 visitors.
  • A 48.5% increase in organic revenue.
  • Yearly transactions rose by 39.2%, from 4,200 to 5,846.

Strategic Recovery Plan:

Our comprehensive recovery strategy was anchored on a detailed site audit, enhancing content relevance, fortifying E-A-T presence, and revamping the backlink landscape. The plan unfolded as follows:

Refining User Intent:

  • We conducted an in-depth analysis of each page to align our content more closely with specific user searches, reducing keyword and topic overlap. This focus led to noticeable improvements in search visibility for our targeted pages.

Optimizing Content:

  • Leveraging Surfer SEO, we refined our content to echo the characteristics of top-ranking competitors, addressing discrepancies in word count and optimizing for phrase-based density. This ensured our content met Google’s criteria more precisely.

Strengthening E-A.T Signals:

  • To reinforce our site’s authority and trustworthiness, we emphasized author verification, showcasing their qualifications and industry expertise. This effort included the creation of comprehensive author profiles, the integration of structured data, and the authentication of business details to enhance the site’s reputation.

Purifying the Backlink Profile:

  • A thorough examination of the site’s backlinks identified numerous harmful links. We applied a strategic disavow process to eliminate these negative influences while actively cultivating new, quality backlinks from authoritative domains.

Results and Growth:

The implementation of these strategic interventions not only facilitated recovery from the May 2020 core update effects but also propelled the site to new heights in traffic, transactions, and revenue.


This case study highlights the importance of agility and precision in SEO practice. By directly addressing the challenges presented by search engine updates with a data-driven approach, significant improvements in site performance are achievable. Our experience navigating through the Google Core Update offers valuable insights into developing resilient SEO strategies capable of withstanding and thriving amidst algorithmic changes.

For e-commerce sites seeking to achieve similar results or to proactively protect against future algorithm updates, our suite of SEO services is designed to navigate these challenges effectively. Partner with us to enhance your digital footprint and drive substantial growth.

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