How We Tripled a Real Estate Agent’s Revenue

Tripled Revenue For This Real Estate Agent

The Challenge:

A real estate agent was struggling to stand out in a super competitive market. Their website had little content, wasn’t showing up in search results, and they were spending a lot on ads to get noticed.

Our Goals:

  • Improve the website’s visibility in search results.
  • Increase organic (non-paid) traffic and leads.
  • Triple the agent’s income from their website alone.

What We Did:

  1. Fixed the Website: We added lots of high-quality content to make the site more appealing to search engines and visitors.
  2. Optimized for Search: We made sure the website followed all the best practices to rank higher in search results.
  3. Smart Link-Building: We got other websites to link back to our client’s site, boosting its credibility and search ranking.

The Results:

  • Organic search traffic went up by 93.91%.
  • The number of leads jumped by 191.6%.
  • The website started ranking in the top positions for many important keywords, getting 21 top 3 positions and 40 top 10 positions.
  • Most importantly, we tripled the monthly income from search traffic.

The Bottom Line:

By fixing the website’s content and structure, and improving its reputation through quality backlinks, we managed to stand out in a crowded market. This led to more traffic, more leads, and significantly more income from organic search, all without relying on expensive ads.

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