How to Check Backlink Quality for Better SEO Rankings


Do you know that just 5.7% of websites have more than one thousand backlinks? And if you are among those who feel good about having natural backlinks, think twice because these can destroy your website. In this article, we will discuss the importance of quality backlinks and give a step-by-step guide on how to check backlink quality and analyze your website’s backlink profile.

How to Check Backlink Quality for Better SEO Rankings 

Backlinks (also known as inbound links) are crucial in determining search engine rankings for any webpage. Not all backlinks are created equal, and the quality of these links could significantly affect your overall SEO performance. Therefore, a backlink quality check is necessary, and you must know how to assess the quality of your backlinks to concentrate on developing a strong, relevant, and credible profile. By doing so, you will attain higher positions in search engines, leading to more organic traffic to your site. 

What is Backlink Quality? 

Backlinks are like the backbone of your website, but only when they are Quality Backlinks. Majorly there are two types of Backlinks: one is “DoFollow,” and the Other one is “NoFollow”. It is important to note that all backlinks are not equal, and what matters most about them is quality. Mostly, “DoFollow” backlinks are considered quality backlinks from high-authority websites. If the relevant keywords have been used in the anchor text, they will be considered as the highest quality backlinks. That’s why SEO experts always ask you to check the anchor text of your backlinks. 

However, these criteria for deciding the quality of Backlinks are not certain. Your website can have a high-quality backlink without all these qualities. 

Step By Step Guide For Checking The Quality Of Your Backlinks

Now that you understand what backlink quality is and why it is important, we will give you detailed information on performing a backlink quality check for your website. There will be five important components of analyzing backlink quality: 

Step By Step Guide For Checking The Quality Of Your Backlinks

Step 1: Analysis of Backlink Sources and Authority 

First, examine where those links coming from on your site originate. Once you know the source, check the website’s authority. Websites with higher Domain Authority (DA) are much more valuable as they will rank well in SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). Several tools are available to check a website’s DA, such as Moz Link Explorer. As soon as you put the link to the website, Moz will provide you with the DA Score. This way, you can access the authority and origin of backlink sources. 

Step 2: Anchor Text Analysis

The anchor texts are also important for accessing backlink quality. Anchor texts are written text of a hyperlink visible to the viewer. This is the text where visitors click and are directed to your website. If this text is relevant to the keyword and content of your page, it will enhance the quality of your backlink. But if it is irrelevant, it’s like spam.  Therefore, always check the anchor text of Backlinks to ascertain their quality. You can use the Ahrefs backlink checker tool for this purpose.

Step 3: Look for Toxic or Spammy Backlinks

Toxic or spammy backlinks, links from spammy websites, can tarnish your site’s reputation and performance. If your website has a high spam score, it is more likely to be penalized by Google. Therefore, always find out and remove spammy backlinks. To check the Spam score, you can use Moz Link Explorer or any other tool available. 

Step 4: Check Page Authority and Relevance

A link from a high domain authority website with a lower page authority is considered a low-quality backlink. If the page from where the link is generated is relevant to your content and has good traffic, it will boost your authority, too. Therefore, always analyze the page authority and relevance of backlink pages. To do that, you will need to visit the page and check its content manually. 

Step 5: Check the Number of Visitors

Backlinks can drive more traffic to your website, which will affect your SERP score. Websites and pages with millions of visitors are good for high-quality backlinks, as they will direct more visitors to your page via backlinks. 

Why Does Backlink Quality Matter the Most?

The most important thing is not the quantity of backlinks to your website but the quality. Google and other search engines prioritize authority, relevancy, and trust in your sources of backlinks. 

If you have high-quality backlinks that are relevant to your page, your page is more likely to rank better. Also, high-quality backlinks will increase traffic by directing users to your website if you have good, relevant content. 

This can be done by employing an anchor text checker tool or carrying out a backlink profile check to assess the quality of these links. When authoritative and relevant websites link to yours as a high-quality backlink, it tells search engines your content is valuable, which is necessary for higher rankings. 

How Do You Audit The Backlink Profile Of Any Website?

It’s important to perform a backlink audit; however, various factors need to be considered to check the quality of a website’s link profile 

How Do You Audit The Backlink Profile Of Any Website?

Quantity and Diversity: Quality is more important than quantity. Ensure backlinks are generated at high-quality and relevant websites. Also, try to be diverse and make backlinks from multiple referring domains. 

Referring Domain Authority: It is wise to have links from authoritative websites within your industry. High authority scores correlate with high-quality links. 

Anchor Text Variation: For your anchor text, you want it to look natural rather than stuffed with keywords, which shows that it is organic when link-building. 

Link Velocity: It is better to gradually build links over time than suddenly generate them because this can be seen as manipulation. 

DoFollow vs. Nofollow Links: DoFollow links are considered more valuable than NoFollow links. 

Link Placement: Particularly if they are placed higher up, they will carry more weight.

Toxicity Assessment: Assess how dangerous low-quality spammy links are, as these may negatively affect SEO efforts. 

These factors indicate a site’s backlink profile’s overall quality and SEO impact. You can use Semrush’s Backlink Audit Tool to simplify this process. 

How To Do a Backlink Quality Assessment?

Backlinks are helpful only if they are good quality backlinks, and to ascertain the quality of a backlink, you need to do a quality assessment. But how to do a backlink quality assessment? Yes! This time-consuming and complex process will be hard for you to do on your own. But here are some tips to access the quality of your backlinks: 

How To Do a Backlink Quality Assessment?


This is a simple theory: If a person intends to buy vegetables, you can not direct him to a mobile shop. So, the links to your website must come from relevant sources. This will boost your user engagement and traffic. Google may penalize you if you have more low-quality backlinks from irrelevant sources. To check relevancy, just visit the page of the referring website and assess whether the content is relevant or not.

Higher Referring Domains

To build authority in Google’s Eye, find as many domains as possible and gather the backlinks. But again, make sure that these domains are relevant to your website. It’s wise to have fewer backlinks from different domains than to have more backlinks from a single domain.


This is also an important factor for quality backlinks. Websites with higher actual traffic are marked as high-authority websites and are useful for having high-quality backlinks. So, before making a backlink, check the website’s real-time traffic.

Anchor Text

As mentioned earlier, anchor text with relevant keywords is a must for generating high-quality backlinks. So, be wise: Don’t just put a hyperlink anywhere in the text; make it relevant to the topic. 

How To Check If My Website Has Backlinks?

Now, if you are not aware of “How to check if my website has a backlink” read this easy guide. Several backlink checker tools are available in the market, both paid and free. You can check your website’s backlinks using them. We refer below tools: 

Google Search Console

This is the best free tool for checking all your website’s backlinks. However, it requires you to add your website to the search console. Once added and set up, go to the sidebar and click on the links section. In this section, there are two links: external links and internal links. You have to go to external links to find all the backlinks to your website.

Bing Webmaster

Again, this requires your website to be linked with the Bing webmaster tool(BWT). If you have configured your website, just go to the sidebar. Here, you will find a backlinks report. Click on it, and the topmost section will be “Backlinks to your site.” Click on it. Now, you can see the full report of all your backlinks. This is also a free tool.

8 Best Tools for Backlink Quality Analysis

Backlinks play a significant role in search engine optimization (SEO), as they provide search engines with an indication of your website’s trustworthiness and relevance. 

A range of tools can help you evaluate the quality of your backlinks. Here are the best 8 tools from our list: 


This free and paid SEO tool offers a feature called backlink analysis. Ubersuggest offers various metrics, such as DA, PA, and anchor text, for assessing the quality of your backlinks.

SEMrush Backlink Gap Tool

An instrument that helps to compare one’s backlink profile with competitors.


It is among the top popular SEO tools present on the market today. It offers many parameters to evaluate your links’ performance, including DA, PA, anchor texts, and others.


It is a powerful tool that provides detailed information about any link campaign. With this tool, you can find out where your links come from, the anchor texts used, and the DA/PA of linking websites.

Majestic SEO

Majestic SEO is a well-established SEO tool with various functionalities for backlink analysis. It can examine the quality of your backlinks.

Moz Link Explorer

Another SEO favorite, Moz Link Explorer, provides many metrics, such as DA, PA, and anchor text, to evaluate the quality of one’s links.

Monitor Backlinks

Monitor Backlinks is a service that allows you to see how your backlinks change over time. It will also notify when new or lost backlinks come up.

SEO PowerSuite

Several tools for search engine optimization, where the backlink analysis tool is most useful. The backlink analysis feature in SEO PowerSuite offers some metrics like DA, PA, and anchor text to evaluate how valuable these links are. 

SEO Inventiv: Affordable Solution for Backlink Analysis

Examining your website’s backlinks is an important step in optimizing your SEO strategy and improving your search engine rankings. By evaluating the sources and anchor texts of inbound links and using the best tools for backlink analysis, you will be able to identify areas that need improvement and take the initiative toward creating a more solid, reliable backlink profile. 

At SEO Inventiv, our objective is to provide you with all-inclusive link evaluation services that will boost your online identity and high rankings on search engine results pages. Our team of professionals has tremendous experience conducting an in-depth review of your website’s backlink profile. We also provide good remedies against toxic or spammy links that may have passed through unnoticed. 

When you choose SEO Inventiv, we ensure your site has the right backlinks that produce maximum organic traffic. So, Allow us to guide you into the maze of link quality checks to improve your SEO efforts beyond imagination.

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