The Pros and Cons of SEO: A Comprehensive Look by SEO Inventiv

Introduction and Why SEO is Significant for Websites.

Search Engine Optimization or SEO as most of you know it, is a digital marketing technique that is used to improve a website’s visibility and organic search results in Google and other global search engines.

Since SEO takes a long-term investment, any business should understand both the pros and cons of this marketing strategy before investing in it.

SEO Inventiv is a leading digital marketing agency that specializes in SEO. Through this blog post we will deep dive into SEO and its pros and cons. We will also go in detail about SEO Outsourcing and SEO Insourcing. It is okay if it seems confusing, after reading the post you will surely be able to take an informed decision about whether or not it is the right marketing strategy for your business.

Let’s begin

 What is SEO Outsourcing?

SEO Outsourcing is taking a paid service of SEO service provider to take care of the SEO tasks.  This includes content development, keyword research, link building, technical SEO, optimization of HTML elements, website structure, and much more.

SEO Outsourcing is a blessing for business that are on a tight budget and still want to improve their website’s visibility and traffic. It allows them to gain access to expert knowledge at an affordable rate. Business that are busy taking care of operations and cannot have a dedicated SEO team or businesses that are just starting out and a SEO team seems like a burden; can surely benefit from a reliable SEO service provider.

SEO experts know how to optimize your website for maximum outcome. A highly qualified SEO expert can help you rank your website the highest in search engine results. They also have a knowledge about the latest SEO trends and algorithms so they can stay ahead of the competition.

The pros and cons of SEO Outsourcing

You must be feeling there can’t be any cons to SEO outsourcing since you get expert in your budget. Sorry but every coin has two sides. By hiring SEO experts, businesses get time and space to do their core activities and grow their business. SEO Outsourcing also allows businesses to benefit from expertise that they may not be able to hire in house.

On the other hand, though affordable SEO experts are an investment and can also involve some risks. From the perspective of a business owner, some of the risks you may face include not having control over how your website is being optimized. There is a possibility that SEO experts may use methods that are deemed against the terms and conditions of search engine algorithms. This could have a negative effect on your website’s ranking. If the business deals with sensitive data SEO services may not be able to provide a complete data security.


What is SEO Insourcing?

So, if not SEO outsourcing, then what? – SEO Insourcing. It is creating a team of experts in house such as content writers, developers, SEO experts and other professionals to do the SEO tasks instead of outsourcing them. This way the business can have a complete control over the team and the process.

With SEO Insourcing a business can fully manage SEO-related tasks in-house and has ownership over its online presence. Insourcing ensures the website is following current trends to rank higher on search engines. It also enables a business to follow the search engine algorithms by following the right tactics.

A key benefit of SEO Insourcing can be the cost savings that comes with the time. A in house staff member part time or full time will surely save both time and money, especially once the knowledge and skills are in place.

With time businesses tend to develop a lasting relationship with a SEO professional, who has expertise on business and its online presence.

The pros and cons of SEO Insourcing?

Like Outsourcing SEO Insourcing, has both pros and cons. Businesses need to weigh both options before making a decision.

The Pros

– Cost Savings – Here costs in relation to time comes in effect. For shorter periods of time a hired SEO expert will surely do the job but for extended periods of time SEO insourcing will save a tonne of money.

– Control & Ownership – A staff member can closely be monitored and trained allowing a business to be in complete control and ownership.

– Experienced Professionals – Over time, in house teams of SEO professionals will develop a deeper understanding of your business and will create better effective campaigns.


The Cons

– Resources – Recruitment and training of professionals take up resources such as infrastructure, time and costs.

– Flexibility – Insourcing SEO limits the scalability of the business.

– Knowledge Gap – SEO is an evolving landscape. A n in-house team will have to be updated or else they risk not knowing latest search engine algorithms.


Which to choose – SEO Outsourcing or SEO Insourcing?


When choosing SEO outsourcing or SEO insourcing for your business, it is important to bear in mind the long-term goals for your online presence. Weighing on aspects like operational costs, scalability a wise move would be talking to an expert consultant for further understanding

SEO outsourcing seems preferable if you are looking for short-term results, as the turnaround time is much shorter due to the use of a third-party service provider. However, this option can be more expensive, and there is less control over the process.

For SEO insourcing it is important to bear in mind that it takes tome to develop an expert team internally. It may take a while before you see substantial results.


To succeed a business needs the right approach to SEO implementation. To fully gain from the potential of SEO, a business must thoroughly understand the prospect of SEO outsourcing and SEO Insourcing, which involves weighing the pros and cons of each.

The choice has the potential to significantly impact the success of the business, either leading to its triumph or downfall. For taking the right decision create a plan of action that considers strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. A balanced combination of SEO outsourcing and SEO insourcing, will bring success to any business.

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