Email Correspondence: What, Why and How ?


Are you a solo entrepreneur or a small group of people trying to make it in the scene? At this crucial point, every customer you have matters the most, which is why it is very important to make them feel special.

Email Correspondence is one of the ways to do so and it is quite effective as well as it has the highest open rate. Due to this your email correspondence should be on point.

Here in this blog, I will try to explain:

  •   What is email correspondence?
  •   How is it different from email marketing?
  •   Benefits of email correspondence.
  •   How to do effective email correspondence?


What is Email Correspondence

Email Correspondence is a part of digital marketing and advertising and is used to set up appointments in a non-promotional way. Email correspondence intends to reach out to an individual and provide them with a channel to connect, ask questions, and enquire about the products or services.

Emails that are directed to an individual regarding non-promotional communication are a part of email correspondence.


Difference between Email Correspondence and Email Marketing

Difference between email marketing and email correspondence

The intent of both email correspondence and email marketing is different. Email correspondence is targeted to set up an appointment or a call with an individual whereas email marketing is used to promote and boost business image by bringing the existence of the company/business to people’s notice.

Feature Email Correspondence Email Marketing
Purpose Communicate with specific individuals for non-promotional reasons Promote products or services to a large audience
Recipients Individual or small groups of people Large email list of potential or existing customers
Content Tailored to the specific needs and interests of the recipient Focused on promoting a brand, product, or service
Tone Informal and conversational Professional and persuasive
Frequency Varies depending on the need Sent regularly according to a schedule
Measurement Success is measured by the response from the recipient(s) Success is measured by open rates, click-through rates, and conversions
Permission Not always required (e.g., for internal business communication) Requires explicit opt-in from the recipient
Examples Scheduling a meeting, asking a question, providing feedback Newsletters, promotional offers, welcome emails, product updates

 Table: Difference Between Email Correspondence and Email Marketing

Why is Email Correspondence Important

Email Correspondence is one of the most effective ways to communicate. It has a very high open rate and people often tend to reach out to customer care or communicate regarding services and products via their email.

It is also cost-efficient and makes your customer feel welcomed and more connected. These emails help grab the attention of an individual by allowing you to carefully draft the emails and provide them with the right resources and offers.

Email correspondence feels more human than broadcast promotional emails as these are personalized and seem to be focused individually. It is required to create a connection with existing, new, or upcoming customers.


How to do Email Correspondence effectively

How to do Email correspondence effectively

You need to understand the difference between Email Marketing and Email Correspondence. To direct your email to an individual, you need to follow a few steps and cross-verify a checklist.

These are some of the steps to follow for an effective Email Correspondence:

Language, Formatting, and Tone

The language should be simple, formal, or semi-formal and the mail should be constructed in a good manner. Though the recipient can’t hear or see you, while reading the mail it should pop out as a very polite one. Always choose the right words to construct an email so that the reader gets engaged as soon as they open the email.

Also, choosing the right number of words is necessary so that the email does not become a lengthy paragraph. Keep it short and sweet and use only a few lines per paragraph.

Subject Line

Always put a subject line in your email. This makes your email stand out and easily recognizable, given the amount of promotional email an individual receives. Also, try to make the subject line as meaningful as possible by carefully putting the details in a proper format.

Personalize your email

While sending out an email, personalize it with your formal touch. Using a person’s name is a common practice. Failure to put a person’s name in the mail makes it feel like it was a general email and not a personalized one which is not how Email correspondence works.

Check for mistakes or errors

Once the email has been written, go through it and check for any grammatical, punctuation, or spelling errors. Email is one of the most convenient and important ways of communication these days and it is very necessary to keep it error and mistake-free as much as possible.

Your Personalized Signature

Before sending out the email, check for your signature. Your email must always contain your signature and contact details like email, phone, toll-free number, address, etc. These details may be used by the recipient to communicate further and share more confidential details, which otherwise cannot be shared by email.


Benefits of Email Correspondence

Benefits of Email Correspondence

Email is one of the effective ways to communicate these days. Everyone has a phone and an email which they use commonly. When businesses use it properly, it can turn out to be a great tool to grow your business and create connections with your customers. One of those ways to use email effectively is Email Correspondence and here are a few of the benefits of it.

Time effective and reach

Emails are instantaneously delivered and there is no waiting time. You can also automate the whole process to answer the customer’s queries via an automated response. This will be delivered instantly and prove to be an effective way of communicating. Also, since email is the most common type of communication and can be accessed on every laptop, tablet, or mobile, you can now target an audience outside of your geographical location. This increases your global outreach and puts you on a global platform.

Customer’s and Stakeholder’s trust

An effective Email correspondence can be beneficial to create a connection with the customers. Here, personalized email makes the customer feel important and wanted and provides them with a channel to communicate further with the company. This creates a positive impact on the growth of the business as email is a common communication tool and everyone tends to check digital mail more often than physical ones.

Correspondence through Email system also helps to promote relationships with suppliers, investors, and partners. This brings everyone on to the very same page, which ensures the smooth operation of the company.

Brand Awareness and Feedback:

Like email marketing, email correspondence also helps put your business in the eye of an email user. When a personalized email reaches a recipient, they tend to read it and check the company, thus making them aware of your brand and its presence in the marketplace.

The email Correspondence system also encourages feedback from customers. It becomes very easy for the customer to access your company or business via email, thus providing them with a channel to share their honest feedback which can be used to improve your product or services.



Effective email correspondence is not just about sending emails, it’s about building relationships. By understanding the difference between marketing and correspondence, crafting personalized messages, and focusing on genuine connection, you can turn this powerful tool into a cornerstone of your business success.

Remember, email is a two-way street. Take the time to listen to your recipients, respond promptly, and address their needs effectively. By doing so, you can transform email correspondence from a simple communication channel into a valuable relationship-building tool.

So, go forth and craft those personalized emails! You might just be surprised at the positive impact it has on your business and the connections you build.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How Often Should I send email correspondence to my customers?

The frequency of your email correspondence depends on your business, target audience, and the purpose of your email. If you are providing updates on ongoing projects, weekly or bi-weekly emails might be appropriate. However, if you are sharing promotional offers, it’s important to avoid bombarding your customers with too many emails to prevent them from feeling spammed. Consider segmenting your email list and tailoring your frequency based on their preference and engagement levels.


What are some common mistakes to avoid in email correspondence?

Some common mistakes include using an unprofessional tone, not personalizing your emails, failing to proofread for errors, and having a cluttered or confusing subject line. Additionally, avoid sending cold emails to irrelevant recipients and ensure you have proper permission for marketing emails. Remember, effective email correspondence is about building genuine connections, so treat your recipients with respect and provide them with valuable information.

Can email correspondence be used to build relationships with other businesses?

Absolutely! Email is a fantastic tool for networking and establishing professional connections. Craft personalized messages introducing yourself and your business, express interest in potential collaborations, and offer helpful resources. Remember to follow up after initial contact and maintain a positive and professional communication style. Building strong relationships with other businesses can open doors to new opportunities and mutual success.


Shalini Rella
Shalini Rella
With more than two years of dedicated expertise, Shalini has established a reputation as a pioneering figure within the SEO industry. This acclaimed author and perpetual learner has revolutionized numerous websites through meticulously crafted digital marketing strategies, leveraging profound insights and a forward-thinking approach. Her groundbreaking articles on SEO and digital marketing are featured in over 100+ publications. Her commitment to sharing knowledge has garnered her widespread recognition as the ultimate authority in this field.
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Shalini Rella
Shalini Rella
With more than two years of dedicated expertise, Shalini has established a reputation as a pioneering figure within the SEO industry. This acclaimed author and perpetual learner has revolutionized numerous websites through meticulously crafted digital marketing strategies, leveraging profound insights and a forward-thinking approach. Her groundbreaking articles on SEO and digital marketing are featured in over 100+ publications. Her commitment to sharing knowledge has garnered her widespread recognition as the ultimate authority in this field.

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